Specialise In :

- Selective Racking System

- Boltless Shelving Systems

- Total Warehouse Design & Relocation

- Installation, Erection & Shifting of All Kinds of Storage Equipment

- Mezzanine Raise Platform

 - Cantilever Racking System

- Manual & Mechanical Compactus Systems

- All Kinds of Steel Fabrication

About Us

AAS Sistemas Pte Ltd established itself in 2007 as a supplier of a wide range of both industrial racking systems and commercial shelving systems. We also provide total storage solutions, includes design and installation.

Heavy Duty Racking

This is the most commonly racking system used, for storing mulitple locations and 100% selectivity. This system offers the most economical, efficient sotring and retrieval of pallets. Furthermore different kind of accessories could be added and customized, based on customer various storage requirement.

Light Duty Shelving

Using bolt free connection, this shelving system are easy to install and versatile. It can be easily customize, mix and match as per customer required.

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